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dog Rigby with sunglassesHello! It's Rigby, here to say happy November!

It doesn’t get much better than October, Halloween, and treats but I’m sooo glad it’s November and Thanksgiving is only a couple weeks away. Bring on the turkey! Shhhh, don’t tell my mom. November is also Diabetes Awareness Month and Adoption Awareness Month!

To prepare for Diabetes Awareness Month, I went to see my doctor and got my blood checked out. I’m only 5-years-old (35 in dog years) but my mom says diabetes is common - affecting approximately one out of 300 dogs and one out of 230 cats. Wow!

Thankfully, my results came back A-OK but I have fourcats at home and they aren’t as excited to see the doctor as I was. The nurses took pictures of me having a good time to persuade them and I’ve started leaving a turkey trail from our house to the vet to trick them into going.

The most common form of diabetes is diabetes mellitus which is a metabolic condition preventing the production and utilization of insulin. This leads to increased glucose, or sugar, in their blood. The excess sugar causes lethargy and other health concerns over time. Pets with this form need insulin shots daily and frequent monitoring at the vet.

My BEST furriend, Jenkins, has a different form called diabetes insipidus. This means he has trouble concentrating his urine and retaining water. He takes eye drops daily and updates the doctor on how he’s feeling. Dogs and cats with both conditions still live long happy lives. My mom always puts out an extra bowl of water when Jenkins comes over because he’s OBSESSED with drinking it all.

If your furry friend starts drinking more water than normal, urinating more frequently, having accidents in the house, or losing weight while eating the same amount of food, those could be symptoms associated with diabetes. Please get your furry friend checked out so they can get help like my pal, Jenkins, did.

Lastly, don’t forget about Adoption Awareness Month! I was lucky enough to be adopted at the animal shelter but so many of my furriends are still in search of their forever homes.

I know some of mom’s friends don’t have pets and that's okay. If you’re one of those people and pets aren’t for you, you can still help!

Reach out to your local shelters and rescues to donate or volunteer. The furbabies will be thankful (just in time for Thanksgiving).